Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

In 2008, the University of the Philippines Baguio community rallied outside the campus to show how they are against the cutting of trees in the mini-forest infront of the campus, just beside

(F)artsies and First Times

Nov 2 – Nov 3 : Sagada -> Bontoc -> Baguio The night before, we had a nice plan of having breakfast at Gaia with Mara. I was pushing for a quick

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

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SpeedyCourse DAREs you to Create a Motivational Video and Win!

For Immediate Release (October 31, 2013, Pasig City, Philippines) – SpeedyCourse is looking for young, creative minds to join DARE you to Learn? Video-Making Contest, which aims to promote the importance of


Next year, I won’t be writing down Batad on my planner anymore. Every year, I write Batad along with other destinations on my planner/notebook because they say there’s a bigger chance it will happen

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

A herd of cows walking through a commercial center in Iloilo in midday. I was so amused because this is an uncommon scene in the Philippines, especially in the urbans. And this

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Shell Midden. Seashells that were layered throughout time. Shell middens prove that there was once a settlement in an area and they provide an idea of the activities of its inhabitants. Our