The original Rivermaya: Nathan Azarcon, Perf de Castro, Bamboo Manalac, Mark Escueta, Rico Blanco

This entry has long been laying in the drafts section waiting to be publish and today, upon watching a certain video of current and former members of Rivermaya jamming together, I felt the need to finally finish this entry. And it goes like this.

I have liked loved Rivermaya since the day I discovered their music. I was in primary school and I wasn’t really musically inclined (I do not have any talent or skill in music) but thank goodness the people around me loved music. Back then, we had this rectangular player (we call it karaoke) that serves as our FM/AM radio, cassette player and is also used during karaoke sessions at home.

Rivermaya started making name in the music industry in the 93s or something, I was about 5 then. Bata pa so laro pa ang priority ko nun. I started getting hooked with ‘Maya music when I heard their song “Himala” (from their second album “Trip”). I remembered playing the cassette tape with the song over and over again. (I just can’t remember which I had loved first, ‘Maya or the Eraserheads since I also remember getting addicted to “Overdrive” which is all responsible for my dreams of making it to Baguio one day. Until now I still consider it my favorite Eheads song. Anyway, I love them both.)

As I was growing up, I was exposed to the wider world of music – local and foreign- thanks to my cousins. Madalas ako makitambay sa mga bahay nila nun at mahilig sila manood ng MTV so I learned to appreciate their kind of music, too. Well, mostly, hehe.

Wala akong kilala sa mga members ng banda nun but a cousin told me that this wig-donning, clown-looking man singing “Elesi” is named Bamboo, yung vocalist nga ng Rivermaya. And I used to say, parang adik naman siya but I kinda like him kasi he’s like a weirdo (based on a kid’s perception) and he’s got a strange name, too.

Bamboo, Mark Escueta, Nathan Azarcon, Rico Blanco (Photo: funnysexy.ph)

Together with the ‘Heads, ‘Maya provided the soundtracks of my childhood and early teenage years. Until one day, the voice behind the band changed. My love for the band has remained though.

I always say, I do not really like Rico Blanco taking over the vocals post but I’ve to admit I loved a number of ‘Maya songs during his time. Well, we can’t deny Blanco’s talent when it comes to songwriting, really. (Fact: One of the factors that make me appreciate music is the lyrics, so there.)

Blanco, Escueta, Azarcon in Nerbyoso
Mark Escueta, Mike Elgar, Rico Blanco, Japs Sergio (Photo: manila.olx.com.ph)

And then, years go by. Life happened. People left the band. New line-ups were formed. I was in college when Rivermaya launched a grand search for its new vocalist. Back then, I was kinda wishin’ they better choose to disband and just give way to the new generation of bands. But they were firm. Now, Rivermaya still holds on to their spot in the Filipino music industry with new faces and Escueta standing by the band through the years.

Elgar, Sergio, Escueta, Jason Fernandez (Photo: Nina Sandejas)
Rivermaya in 2011: Ryan Peralta, Norby David, Mike Elgar, & Mark Escueta (Photo: ask.com)

Yesterday, I saw this video of a jam session of old and new members of the band. I was more than ecstatic to see Bamboo jamming with Mark Escueta, Mike Elgar and the other ‘Maya members! The video by photographer Nina Sandejas became a hit and now fans were crying out for a reunion concert.

I remember Bamboo was once asked in a radio interview, whether he sees any Rivermaya reunion concert happening in the future, he simply answered, the band (Rivermaya) is still there so no reunion concert yet. But then, fans like me can always hope. :)

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  1. vahlongkoiz says: Reply

    there will be no reunion if rivermaya is still there.
    kasi tong si mark d makapag move on.
    dapat mag buo xa ng bagong band name.
    para may reunion yung rivermaya.
    d bah?

  2. Cris M says: Reply

    Wooo….. diba wala na si Bamboo sa banda nya,… Ito a yung time na ma buo yung Rivermaya.. alam, ko babalik sya sya na ulit yung vocal ng maya….. wait koto… wish come true!

    1. Irish says: Reply

      maybe a reunion concert in the future! with the original line-up of course, kumpleto. :)

  3. Anna Banana says: Reply

    I love this band, too.

  4. 90s kid says: Reply

    Best of 90s!

  5. Liz Hemlepp says: Reply

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  6. ravens says: Reply

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  7. Thanks for Sharing! anyway that photo of the new Rivermaya in the car? I took that. hahhaa

    1. Irish says: Reply

      I’m so thrilled! You actually dropped by my blog, haha, (fan mode). I’m actually a fan of yours, too. I check your website every now and then, tapos nakakainggit, haha. Your job is actually my dream job!

      I’m also a huge fan of (the old) Rivermaya and Bamboo, the band and the musician. Re. photo, I’ll change the credits right away, hehe, basta nagDL lang kasi ako from Google. :)

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