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OPM Songs About Weed and Getting High

I’m certain there are lots of OPM songs out there that sings about, you know, the weed and stuff- some literally and some figuratively. Yesterday, I noticed it was 4/19 making it

Trespassing Concert

If checking out the website to confirm the matter counts, then I was April Fooled. When I saw this from Chito Miranda’s tweet, my initial reaction was, “Really?! This is impossible!” But

Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan

I got VIP tickets for the Coke Concert ng Bayan and even though my buddies Mara and Dona were tired from the endless pila they’ve been through all afternoon, they gave in to my

Rock in Peace Karl Roy

Rest is peace Karl Roy. God is probably headbanging right now. The first news I heard today, just out of bed, consciousness barely awake, right after going downstairs to prepare myself for

Ely Buendia for Esquire

Pinoy rock icon Ely Buendia is on the cover of the March issue of Esquire magazine. He looks dashing, and as Marco quipped, “Bumagay ang eggplant color sa kanya. Bakit ganun?” The words

Red Revolution Under the Moonlight

Last night was like college all coming back to me. Standing midst the crowd in the grassy yet dusty grounds, with a drink on one hand while watching live bands rocking the

Rebokultura: UP Fair 2012

University of the Philippines Fair on February 14-18, 2012 at the Sunken Garden, UP Diliman, Quezon City Technorati Tags: opm


This entry has long been laying in the drafts section waiting to be publish and today, upon watching a certain video of current and former members of Rivermaya jamming together, I felt the